Kluang Station

Lot & No: L2-23
Operation Hours: 24 Hours

Prior to the existence of Western coffee joints, our local coffee culture was centered on the average local kopitiam. However, as the rise of Western cafés began to pique the continued interest and attention of the local folk, kopitiam outlets were quick to expand simultaneously as larger franchises.

More and more people started to embrace local coffee culture and it began to flourish. It was no wonder Kluang Station began to heighten in its popularity to gain fast reputation. Soon, the brand Kluang Station became synonymous with top spots to indulge in Hainan coffee.

Now, a cup of plain black Hainan coffee can be frequently seen as a perfect accompaniment on both lazy and busy afternoons at just about every nook at cranny of the country. Its smoothness, boldness in taste and aroma draws local folk by the crowds.