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Echolac offering latest travel gears such luggage, travel accessories, bags and more. Echolac is adopting innovative technology to produce travel and business series that suitable for all level of frequent and non frequent travellers.

Echolac was founded in 1964 in Japan. The founder was Mr. Reizo Koseki, who granted the brand a profound culture and concept. It’s a Japanese brand with a western influence.

Echolac单品牌店提供多种类的旅行用品,这包括旅游箱包,旅行用品,背包,公事包,皮革等。 Echolac是采用创新的技术来生产各类大众都适合的旅行产品。 Echolac成立在日本1964年。创始人是Reizo Koseki先生,他把深厚的文化和理念建立在Echolac产品上。