Outlet Name:
A-Look Eyewear
Optical, Timepieces & Accessories
Lot & No:
L2-99 & 100
Operation Hours:
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The first A-LOOK store opened in 2003 and caused a sensation. The new concept store not only offered shoppers a friendly and no-fuss experience but also trendy yet affordable choices. Today, A-LOOK Eyewear stands proud as one of the most successful open concept eyewear concept chain stores in Malaysia.

What sets A-LOOK apart from other optical stores is in its fully-open and self-service concept of shopping. At A-Look, the process of bargaining has been eliminated as customers are satiated with the widest variety of trendy sunglasses and eye frames all under one roof – at great and affordable prices.

A-LOOK understands the need to cater for the on-going demand of the young and trendy lifestyle. With that, A-LOOK has introduced A-CARD Royalty Card Programme that offer even more special offers tier pricing models to choose from.