Sedap Sedap

Lot & No: L2 - 54 & 55
Operation Hours: 24 Hours

Sedap Sedap, your one stop for Malaysian Fusion cuisine. Try the best of local Malaysian cuisines like Penang Fried KueyTeow, Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang, Creamy Butter Chicken Rice and much more. Alternatively, we also have a wide selection of InternationalFusion cuisines like our Tom Yum Seafood Pasta, Chicken Maryland, Chicken Teriyaki Udon, Fish and Chips and other varieties. Not to mention, we also have a wide range of snacks and drinks as well. For coffee lovers, don’t forget to try our specially brewed coffee.Whatever your craving is, we are sure our wide range of menu can satisfy it! Set in a modern, comfortable and spacious environment, our restaurant is the perfect place for a meal any time of the day. A home for local comfort food with a twist of international fusion cuisine, SedapSedap is here to offer the best tasting Malaysian Fuision Cuisine to you.