Garrett Popcorn Shops ®

Lot & No: L2-112
Operation Hours: 10AM - 9.30PM

For over seven decades, Garrett Popcorn Shops has served gourmet popcorn using wholesome ingredients in their secret family recipes, passed down for generations. Custom grown, non-GMO butterfly and mushroom kernels are first hot-air popped in their kitchens, then enriched with flavor in seasoned, old-fashioned Copper Kettles. Because good things take time, Garrett Popcorn is handcrafted in small batches throughout the day. Signature recipes include the fan-invented, original Chicago-style popcorn, Chicago Mix™, which blends the sweetness of CaramelCrisp™ with the savory goodness of CheeseCorn; plus Buttery (a vegan treat!), Plain, CheeseCorn, CaramelCrisp, Almond CaramelCrisp and Macadamia CaramelCrisp. Like no other™, Garrett Popcorn enchants adoring fans around the world.