Lot & No: L2 - 107
Operation Hours: 10AM TO 10PM

"Beutea - a modern tea beverage brand using ""Freshly Brewed Chinese Tea"" (a combination of ancient Chinese and modern tea beverage). Beutea practices the four ancient tea ceremony skills “moisten”, “soak”, “boil”, and “brew” using extract from the finest hand-picked tea leaves originating from tea mountains of Yunnan and Wuyi in China as the base of their beverages. It is then blended with modern flavours such as fresh milk and fresh fruits to brew unique, exquisite, aromatic and delicious fresh tea beverages.

“A sip of tea lingers, two sips come with a long aftertaste” serves as the purpose of founding the brand as we aspire to be the top unique and delicious fresh tea beverage brand. Beutea has always adhered to and maintained the high-quality requirements for tea beverages.

Beutea originated from the love and pursuit of the perfect cup of tea in life. We pour our hearts and souls into crafting each store, integrating elements of “ancient tea culture”, “modern” and “aesthetics” into the store’s interior design, creating a space with rich textures and bringing tea drinkers a multi-dimensional sensory experience! Order a cup of fine tea, savour the aroma and have great conversations while sipping the perfect cup in a relaxed and beautiful environment at Beutea!"