WCT Buddy

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WCT Buddy is the Multi-store, Multi-mall Cardless Rewards Programme by WCT MALLS.

With no membership fee, no expiry and no hassle of carrying a physical card, WCT BUDDY gives you benefits on top of any existing rewards and cards programmes. Simply shop and spend at any stores within our participating WCT Malls Malaysia!

WCT BUDDY is open to anybody aged 16 years and above at the time of application. Malaysia Identity Card, Malaysia Permanent Resident Card, Work Permit or passport may be required during registration.


Watsons L2-08
Original Classic L2-09 - 12
Toys 'R' Us L2-14 - 17
Muari Muari L2-31 & 32
Pop Meals L2-36A, 37, 38
Auntie Anne's L2-40
Boost Juice Bars L2-45
Monga Fried Chicken L2-46A
F.O.S L2-49, 51 & 53
Young Hearts L2-62
Giordano L2-64
Uniqlo L2-67 - 68
Pierre Cardin Lingerie L2-89
MBG Fruitshop L2-100A
Oh Apong L2-106B
Juicy L2-107A
Ban Heang L2-108
Hometown Hainan Coffee L2-113
Jaya Grocer L2-139
Guardian L2-143
KD Hong Kong L2M-23
Flight Club Grab & Go L2M-26 - 28
Aerotel Kuala Lumpur L2M-33 - 44
OC Express L3-06 - 07
Ipoh Vintage Gourmet L3-08
Beryl's L3-14 & 19
Watsons L3-15, 16 & 18
Oh Apong L3-19A
Haruka Bakery L3-21A
Ah Cheng Laksa L3-24A
Pop Meals L3-26
Old Town White Coffee L3-27 - 29
Solar Time L3-35A

3 Easy Steps to Earn & Redeem Points